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Anti-War Part Two - Deathreat - Deathreat (CD)

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  1. aaagh Christmas, don’t ya love it.. Episode 94 for your listening pleasure Download directly here: episode 94 Black Flag - Rise Above From the album: Damaged; Henry Rollins - Get In The Van Part 5, our serial of this great book continues ; Pitch Shifter - Gritter From the album: Submit.
  2. On Unlearn's debut 7 inch Extinction they serve up 5 tracks of solid metal influenced hardcore with a heavy 90's influence. While nobody is going to get an award for originality h.
  3. Kotiinkuljetuksesta perimme rahulia 2,99€ pienemmistä lähetyksistä (lähinnä cd:t) ja isoimmista vermeistä eli vinyyleistä, huppareista yms 5,99€. Kun teet "Kotiinkuljetus Helsinkiin" -tilauksen niin käytettävissäsi on kaikki pankkimaksut, luottokortit, Paypal, Klarnan lasku sekä osamaksu.
  4. British Peace-punk in retrospect: a review Again, a piece I wrote for RE/fuse issue #6. This time a lengthy review of some of the records and books that have come out over the past couple of years documenting the rise of U.K. peace-punk in the late seventies and early eighties.
  5. Spectres - Last Days Lp (Whisper in Darkness records) Not having heard anything from British Columbia's Spectres after their two decent 7" EP's on Whisper in Darkness records from a few years ago, I wasn't sure whether this band was still active. With this new release (their first full-length Lp) I'm glad to find that they are indeed still around.
  6. Dec 25,  · A brief introduction: Helvis was a band from uk featuring Bloody Kev on vocals who runs the great Keep it in the family prococexgraninti.raimilzomawildtaraldiogardhindvete.infoinfo band features also members from other infamous bands like the Varukers and Iron Monkey, Hard to swallow etc and is the most under-rated band from the ones the members participated, (i'm so fucking bored / maybe this is the last fifteencounts post).
  7. Tragedy rulz! The band formed in from members of the influential Hardcore/Punk bands His Hero is Gone and Deathreat. Tragedy's music is characterized by unrelenting, heavy hardcore punk sound, punctuated by melodic interludes and downshifts in tempo, .

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